Old French films - and My Fair Lady

(Sunday 6 December 2009)


 Catching up on forgotten French films on CINEMOI.  Not been around this stuff much before, so it was quite an insight into how advanced the French were late fifties to mis-seventies.  These films stand up so well it's difficult to tell how old they really are technically and in style.  Still makes me smile to think of Jack L Warner not only getting his pet project (My Fair Lady) onto the screen but also having it chosen as the Royal Command Film Premiere in 1965.  All shot on the sound stages at Warners in Hollywood, he must have been double pleased that the Ascot sequence with its line "C'mon Dover, move yer bloomin arse!" was left in for the Premier.  A multi Oscar-winner.  Well done Jack, I'm proud of you - and thank you.




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