The Four Just Men

(Saturday 8 December 2012)


 With the onset of independent TV in 1955, ITC (the film arm of ATV) shot numerous TV series for export, using writers, directors and producers who had been prohibited from working in the US, due to McCarthy's House of Unamerican Activities." Justice" featured as a theme in many of these programmes, eg, Robin Hood 1955-59, The Buccaneers 1957, William Tell 1958 and The Four Just Men 1959, which i am watching on DVD right now. It was all shot in England, but the 4 leads were set in different capital cities with a lot of intense phone calls as linking shots: London (Jack Hawkins) Paris (Dan Dailey), Rome (Vittorio De Sica), New York (Richard Conte), all big stars of the time. The Four Just Men paved the way for combining crime-fighting with global locations and glamorous women (still not much of a part for women, but at least they got to bash the baddie).

  -  60s Soul, Psychedelia, Mod & Motown